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Our Chamber

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Somogy County (CCISC) is an information and service centre for the enterprises functioning in the county. Its wide range of services were constructed according to the real demands of economic participants and these have been continuously expanded. 

In accordance with the newly amended chamber law the Chamber offers the following basic services for the registered enterprises – not volunteer member -:

  • consultancy
  • business partner search through the online application of the Chamber
  • usage of the tender- and event monitoring system

The further chamber services can be used by the volunteer members primarly against membership fee or on discount price. The enterprises without chamber membership have the opportunity to use one part of the services without discount offered for the members.


  • activities related to economy development: preparing analyses on the economy in the county, economic policy decisions, investment promotion program, lobby, operating professional clubs.
  • fostering business contacts: organising business meetings, professional trips, fair visits, handling business offers, providing information on the economic and legal background of foreign countries.
  • assisting enterprises to get access to finance: administration of Széchenyi credit for entrepreneurs, observing and publishing tender opportunities, managing the chamber support system.
  • performing vocational tasks: supervision of the practical training, delegating examination comittee members, career guidance, organizing trainings, proficiency exams, school competitions.
  • event organization, trainings: organizing profession specific and language trainings, lectures on economic issues, trainings, seminars, forums and professional days.
  • providing information, consultancy: on issues related to law, taxation, foreign trade, industrial legal protection, tenders and EU.
  • publications: make available monthly published chamber newspaper, different (self-published, published by the EU or the country) information brossures.
  • managing the national network website of the chamber and its database about entrepreneurs, sending electronic newsletters

The External Economic Activity of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry

The Hungarian chamber network – in accordance with the government measures – places great emphasis on extending and fostering the external economic activity of enterprises. In addition to the established information system events, business meetings and study trips assist the enterprises to build up their business relations. From 2012 the Ministry for National Economy contributes to the realization of the external economic programs, due to this the number and level of the chamber programs aimed at the export promotion rose significantly.

Inhabitancy: 7400 Kaposvár, Anna u 6.

Phone: +36 82/501-000


Website: https://skik.hu

President of the Chamber: Varga József

Secretary of the Chamber: Németh Krisztina

Sub offices:

8700 Marcali, Rákóczi u. 19-21. 30/21-53-728, skikmarc@skik.hu
7500 Nagyatád, Mártírok u. 16.  30/46-81-149, skikatad@skik.hu
8600 Siófok, Fő u. 174-176, Átrium üzletház, 30/69-55-386, skikatad@skik.hu